Guy cancels wedding after finding a tattoo on his fiancée’s thighs


A young South African man has cancelled his wedding to his fiancee after finding a tattoo on her thigh.

According to Twitter user @AdvoBarryRoux who shared the story on the micro-blogging platform, the guy had no problem with the tattoo on his fiancee’s thighs until his family saw it during the lady’s virginity test.

This happened just days before the lovers’ traditional ceremony scheduled to come off this weekend.

Social media users who have come across this tweet have described the guy’s family as backward – Because according to t them, having a tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean one is promiscuous or an immoral person.

Others who are also very high on morality have applauded the gentleman’s family for doing the right thing because as per our traditional customs, having a tattoo means you’re meant for the streets and as such, only a man with the memory of a golden fish will marry such a woman.

This issue has raised a very aggressive discussion on Twitter with several people sharing diverging opinions on the justification for the cancellation of the marriage.

@AdvoBarry Roux tweeted;

Lobola negotiation cancelled after they discovered that the bride has a tatto on her thigh. The unfortunate discovered was made during the bride’s virginity testing. The Malume were not happy that their son wanted to marry someone with a tattoo as they don’t know who drew it.




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