Holy Bible prices increased due to economic hardship


While the price of food is rising, the word of God, which would provide comfort, will no longer be available for everyone to purchase.

On Tuesday, the Bible Society Of Ghana announced an increase in the prices of their Bibles across the country.

It said that in addition to the “high cost of clearing from the ports,” the “high rate of inflation” had an impact on the increments.

According to the management of the Bible Society, the projected increase will begin on November 10th, 2022.

Holy Bible prices increased due to economic hardship

The increase by the Bible Society of Ghana follows the country’s recent economic suffering.

Ghana currently has a large historical debt load, growing inflation, and a steady devaluation of the Cedi, among other issues.

“Due to the high rate of inflation and high cost of clearing from the ports, our prices of Bibles would be slightly reviewed upwards, effective 10th November 2022. God bless you for your understanding”, the statement said.


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