How to schedule messages on Telegram at a particular time


In the last few years, Telegram has gained massive popularity as a viable alternative to WhatsApp. Recently, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced that Telegram users will soon be able to buy and sell usernames on a platform called Fragment.

Compared to competitors like WhatsApp and Signal, Telegram has several features up its sleeve that enhances the overall user experience. If you are someone who uses Telegram for work, personal or business, the ability to schedule messages might come in really handy. Here’s how to use the built-in schedule message feature on the platform.

How to schedule messages on Telegram

1. Scheduling messages is really easy. Just open Telegram and open the group or personal chat you want to send the message to.

2. Once done, type in the message you want to send and instead of clicking on the send icon on the bottom right of the screen, long tap and you will see two options.

3. Select the ‘Schedule message’ option and Telegram will show you presets that let you send messages in the next 30 minutes, two hours or eight hours.

4. If you want to send the message at a custom time or date, select the ‘Send at specific date option’ and it will let you choose the date along with the time you want to schedule the message for.

5. Now, tap on the blue Send button and the message will be delivered at the scheduled time.


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