Ghana Card will end age cheating in sports – Dr. Bawumia


Vice President of Ghana Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has noted that the introduction of the Ghana Card which provides a unique identity system in the country will end the phenomenon of age cheating in sports.

He argues that this is so because the card which has all the details of an individual cannot be altered and therefore if players are invited for national assignments, they will be made to provide their Ghana cards so they do not get to cheat the system.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia made this known when he was buttressing his point that he will choose the Ghana Card over a thousand interchanges citing its impact in national development.

“Fake birth certificates was a big problem for our country and it made it very difficult for people to trust our documents at embassies and everywhere because people will just go and have fake birth certificates.

“In fact when we went to the birth and death registry, we found three different databases and we had to harmonize the databases.

“Once you have a unique identity you’ll not have fake birth certificates as there will be no football age versus normal age. That business will come to an end.

“Recently you would know that our women’s team was banned for presenting some overaged players. Hopefully now we are going to strictly require that they bring their Ghana card before they are going to be registered to play,” he said.



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