Chrome For Android Will Soon Allow You To Remove The Discover Feed From New Tab Page


Google is readying an update to enable users to remove the Discover feed from the New Tab Page of the Android version of Chrome. In the mobile versions of the Google Chrome browser, the New Tab Page currently hosts a search bar, your most frequently viewed websites, and two content feeds. With the future update, the tech giant is planning on adding a new flag to let users completely remove the Discover feed from Chrome’s New Tab Page, thus making it optional.

Chrome For Android To Make The Discover Feed On New Tab Page Optional

As seen in the images above, the traditional Google Discover feed shows a list of articles recommended for you by Google’s algorithm, while the other feed shows the latest posts from various social media platforms that you’re following in Chrome, which is an Android exclusive feature for now.


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On the contrary, Chrome’s New Tab Page on desktop looks far cleaner, focusing on the shortcuts and search, however we can expect some additional cards to appear below these in future. If you are looking forward to experiencing a simpler version of the New Tab Page, you should keep an eye out for a new flag coming soon to the chrome://flags page on your Android devices. Similarly, a near identical one will be rolled out to the iOS devices, despite the fact that the platform already offers a simple toggle for the Discover feed.

Feed ablation

Enables feed ablation.


The flag completely removes all Feeds from Chrome, including both the Discover and Following feeds. The feature is already available for testing in Chrome Canary, and works as expected, cleaning up the New Tab Page. The flag is expected to arrive with Chrome 103 next month.

Would you like to experience a simple and clean New Tab Page in Chrome with the upcoming flag feature? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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