Make an Instagram, YouTube on Twitter this way soon


Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that will allow you to pin replies just like Instagram and YouTube. Know details.

Twitter introduced a new feature a few months ago that allows blue tick users to pin DMs (direct messages) to their inbox. The feature allows you to pin up to six conversations to the top of your inbox to help tidy up your inbox and find important conversations easily. But now, Jane Manchun Wong, the famous technology blogger, has shared an idea about Twitter’s upcoming feature that will change the way we see responses on the microblogging website. She shared two screenshots along with this line: “Twitter is working on ‘Pin Reply’”—to save selective replies to the top of the list. She also read: Twitter will now allow you to tweet only to your CIRCLE! See what this does

This is similar to other social media platforms like Instagram and video-sharing platform YouTube, where creators or account holders can place selective comments at the top. It seems that Twitter is following the trend and wants to implement for its users what other social media apps have! Although there is no official information from Twitter, the screenshots shared by Manchun Wong on the features of ‘Pin Reply’ are expected soon. The tweet suggests that Twitter will bring the feature by tapping on a reply to a particular tweet, which will bring up options like ‘Unfollow’, ‘Add/remove from lists’ and ‘Pin reply’. Until now, Twitter users can pin their own tweets to the top of their profiles. Also read: Twitter is testing the Vibe Check feature! Here is everything you need to know

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Twitter comes with new features!

Not just the pinned response, but Twitter is reportedly working on several other features. Since the acquisition of Elon Musk, the edit button is not a secret! Even the Twitter communities confirmed in a tweet: “Yes, we’ve been working on an editing feature since last year! No, we didn’t get the idea from a poll… We’re starting testing within @TwitterBlue Labs in the next few months to learn what works, what doesn’t and what is possible. But when it will be implemented, there is no official comment. Considering all the hype Tesla CEO Elon Musk has generated around this feature, it’s likely to happen soon.

On top of that, Twitter is rolling out several new features to its live audio spaces, like giving access to analytics for its hosts and co-hosts on iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Twitter is testing a feature that will tweet a space card once hosts start a space to make it easier for users to engage and share with spaces, a TechCrunch report mentions. Well, Twitter Space’s audio feature will now share more information on the top spacebar, like who shared a Tweet and more.




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