Why men have morning erections


Every morning, it is not only the sun that rises.

Morning wood or nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) are morning erections men experience.

Why do men experience these morning erections? Even doctors are not sure why.

Some people think sexual stimulation or needing to pee causes morning wood but this is not true.

This erection happens even when men are sleeping and it doesn’t mean they are having a sexual dream.

An erection can last for up to two hours while he is sleeping.

Waking up to an erection is a good thing. Plus, most erections will go down a few minutes after waking up.

If you have an erect penis when you wake up, it means there is a healthy supply of blood to the penis, it also means getting an erection when awake won’t be hard for you – did you get the pun?

Anyway, if you do not get morning erections anymore then you should be worried.

It could be a sign of erectile dysfunction.

Several theories exist about why erections happen here are some of them;

Sleeping next to your partner and touching their body can cause you to have an erection. even when you are sleeping, your body might just be responding to them.

When you wake up, your testosterone is at an all-time high, the high level of testosterone can cause morning erections.

In the daytime, your body suppresses spontaneous erections. At night you can have as many erections as you want because you are so relaxed and your body releases less of the hormone inhibiting erections.

Men start experiencing morning erection from as early as 7 years old till they are about 70.


SOURCEPulse Nigeria


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