Why some men perform below 6 minutes in bed

Why some men perform below 6 minutes in bed

• Men who perform sex within 6 minutes and above are considered normal

• Those who perform below 6 minutes are either stressed out, smoked or have had too much alcohol

• This was made known by a consultant urologist at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital

Most times, people wonder why some men perform below the belt during sexual intercourse. Though these men think they’ve reached their peak, some ladies think otherwise because their expectations were not met.

A consultant urologist at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Matthew Yamoah Kyei, has revealed why these men perform below the ‘normal’ 6 minutes duration.

He attributed the low performance in bed to stress, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol among other factors.

In an interview on Joy FM, the urologist stated that “It could be a mixture of stress, lack of exercise, or fluid without proper diagnosis. On the other hand, it could be hormonal and perhaps even a lifestyle – smoking, or too much alcohol.”

He noted that penis sizes do not matter during sex, adding that the strength of the penis and the man and his ability to satisfy the woman in bed is what matters.


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