I Slept with my Lectures and had First Class, Sadly I Went For job Interviews, See What Happen??


This information we about to disseminate now is a very real life scenario of what happened to a young lady who thought she can boycott the lay Down procedure of getting excellence in academy, order to climb the Pinnacle of success.

But unfortunately for her things got missed up as she went for job interview where she was rejected for not able to answer the basics questions required of her by the company she went for interview.

The people in the company who saw her result where can of very happy to have some a lady with excellent grade in school, but unfortunately for them it was not what they expected that came out .

This information will also enlighten you that there are Alot of Graduate in the society who can not Even defend their Result because they went to school have carnal knowledge with all the lectures just to get high grade after graduation Karma then caught up with Them.

Please carefully read the Narration of a lady that got herself mess up in school with lecturer just for a grades after passing out from school she then go for a job interview which Exposed the cheat she did while one school, though having first class Result she was not able to defend herself and she Ended up in total Disgrace.

According to the Narration, What can you say to this?


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