‘Don’t Take Alcohol After COVID-19 Vaccine’ – Dr Okoe Boye

‘Don’t Take Alcohol After COVID-19 Vaccine’ – Dr Okoe Boye

Dr Okoe Boye, former deputy minister of health has advised Ghanaians not to take alcohol after taking the COVID-19 vaccine jab.

According to Dr. Okoe Boye, one should allow 48-72 hours from the time you had been vaccinated till you can take any alcohol.

“48 to 72 hours after the vaccine, even if you’re someone who drinks daily; avoid . . . so that when the vaccine triggers its process, at least in 48 hours (two days to three days), the foundation for producing your ‘soldiers’; it is well on course,” Dr. Boye noted.

Dr. Boye noted that the vaccines have been developed and passed through clinical examination which is aimed to build a strong immune system against diseases.

Dr. Okoe gave out the advice in a recent interview on Peace FM’s Morning Show.


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