HEIGHTENED PASSION!!! 11 Erotic Zones To Touch A Woman And Make Her Go Crazy

HEIGHTENED PASSION!!! 11 Erotic Zones To Touch A Woman And Make Her Go Crazy

S*xual satisfaction is one thing that every woman loves to enjoy from her man.

Though most men want to pleasure their women but they do not know how to go about this. Often times, they fail to pay attention to key areas in the woman’s body and this contributes to more than half the problems partners face today as far as s*xual satisfaction is concerned. Only a few men know what to do and how to go about satisfying their women, which is not so impressive.

The truth of the matter is that women communicate feelings differently at different points in time. So as a man, the onus is on you to pay adequate attention and read her body language and moods so as to interpret what she has to say.

Also, a new lover might find it a tad uncomfortable communicating her feelings to you openly in the early stages of the affair.

And even though she might be yearning for some deep satisfaction, she will very likely find it hard talking about this aspect of her to you – this is the point you step in and deploy your sixth sense.

Strive to spice things up with each and every new move. With this spicing comes new discoveries which help sizzle things, as much as it helps you lead her to a point of total.

Now here is a tip you can maximize when with your significant other. Try to locate and turn her on by playing with her on any of her erogenous zones.

Wondering where the erogenous zones are? Read below for clarity:

1. The neck

Studies have shown that the neck is super sensitive to stimulation and so gently touching or kissing a lady on her neck is a sure fire way to get her turned on.

In fact, you don’t have to do much. By merely blowing a little breeze on the nape of her neck you can get her alarm buzzing and out her in the right mood for some action.

2. The abdomen

This is another very interesting area that should never underestimated if truly pleasing your woman is what you look to achieve.

Experience has shown many men stimulate women from gently licking and playing on their abdomen. The reason this is possible is because some parts of the muscles on the abdomen are interlinked with the vagina, making it possible for many women to orgasm even from exercising.

3. The breasts and nipples

If you didn’t know the breasts and nipples are as important as any other part of your woman as far as S3xual satisfaction are possible.

Stimulating her nipples send a million buzzing signals to her brain, helping you jumpstart the process to truly satisfying her in bed.

4. The butt0ckz and cl!toris

The primary function of these parts of the female body is S*xual satisfaction. There are dozens of strong nerve endings in the cl!toris that can ‘set fire to’ your lady.

Whether you prefer to use the fingers or your mouth, the choice is yours. Do your thing.

5. The Ears

You can always play with her ears by kissing, licking and gently biting as your whisper sweet nothings into her. Watch her go crazy as a result of this.

6. The inner thighs

Like this is not self-explanatory let us try to shed some light on it. Whatever you do, try to make the goose bumps on her inner thighs show.

There are many ways to getting this done, starting from a gentle massage to kissing, licking and gently biting. Study your woman and find out which works best for her given the circumstance.

7. The scalp

Gentle massages can lead to the release of the hormone called oxytocin which enhances relaxation and S3@.xx:’ual stimulation. Ask your lady how she likes it then go right ahead.

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8. Talk her into it

Employ the psychological skill and talk dirty to her every now and then for the right S3x:’ual pleasuring.

9. The lower back

This part of her is naturally sensitive and an ideal place to get on if you really desire to get her in the zone.

10. The wrist

This is another area many men fail to focus on but studies have shown it can increase stimulation when kissed and caressed.

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11. The feet

Like it or not the feet can drive her wild because kissing and tickling them can trigger sensory nerves linked to the brain, raising her mood for the real deal.



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