YAWA OF THE DAY: Brochure Shows Mike Ocquaye as Speaker of Parliament

YAWA OF THE DAY: Brochure Shows Mike Ocquaye as Speaker of Parliament

The New Patriotic Party appears to have been very hopeful about the retention of Mike Ocquaye, Speaker of the 7th Parliament of Ghana, as a speaker in the newly constituted parliament.

Despite his loss to Alban Bagbin in the secret balloting, the immediate past speaker appeared in the 2021 inauguration brochure with the title, ‘Speaker of Parliament’.

It should be noted that the printing of the brochure was done in advance of the inauguration of the presidency. It was perhaps due to the fact that he was expected to be Speaker-nominated in the August House for the NPP caucus.

Once again, however, it poses concerns as to whether or not he was supposed to appear in the booklet as Speaker of the 7th Parliament; in which situation it could be deemed an oversight or it was a case of confidence on the part of the NPP that he would preserve his position as Speaker of the 8th Parliament.

The development observed on the page of NDC member Dzifa Gunu is quickly drawing increasing interest of some netizens who claim it was the latter, whatever the way it was.

Meanwhile, Alban Bagbin, former Member of Parliament for Nadowli Kaleo, was elected as the next Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic following a messy voting exercise in the parliamentary chamber.


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