“NDC doesn’t burn markets they build markets” – Alima Issahak blast NPP

“NDC doesn’t burn markets they build markets” – Alima Issahak blast NPP

The Executive Director of Africa Centre for Women In Politics, Alima Lensepe Issahak has taken to her social media page to respond swiftly to members of the ruling New Patriotic Party – NPP who are accusing the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) of being responsible for the series of fire incidents in some major markets since December 7, 2020 elections.

Last four days, one of the largest markets in Accra, Kantamanto Market gutted fire resulting in the loss of several properties. This morning, the Keneshie market also recorded the incident.

In social media reaction, some supporters of the NPP have been accusing the NDC of being responsible. The Deputy Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization – NADMO, Abu Ramadan has also taken to his social media page to accused the NDC of being responsible for the fires.abu ramadan comment on keneshie market fire

This accusation defiantly did not go down well with many NDC supporters who also said the incident might be a plot by the NPP to give the NDC a bad name since they (NPP) are uncomfortable with the series of protests across the country over the decision by former President John Mahama to reject the results of the December 7, 2020 presidential polls.

According to the gender activist and oil & gas safety expert, it is a known fact that the “NDC doesn’t burn markets they build markets”.

“What is the basis of this allegation? You guys set the poor people’s source of livelihood on fire so you can blame it on the NDC. Be a responsible government because 7th January when you will be handing over power is near.” – Alima’s reaction to NPP social media user, Patriot Faisal Ibrahim who wrote on his Facebook page:

“These markets on fire appear to be coordinated activity. Now parts of Kaneshie market were on fire.
It is difficult to isolate these fires from threats from supporters of Mahama/NDC. I read from a Mahama supporter saying they will burn down major markets because Mahama lost the Presidential elections.
Why would supporters of Mahama/NDC visit such wicked agenda against our hard-working market women because of an election outcome?

Mahama has shown he is a bad loser. It is surprising the Council of Elders of NDC have allowed him to take the party down with him. The victims of these coordinated-politically-motivated-arson will remember the mayhem and destruction the NDC has caused them. They have lost their source of livelihood because Mahama wants to be President again.

I cannot imagine my mother’s stall getting burnt because she voted for President Akufo-Addo.
Is that what this country has become? Is this democracy? And Mahama is happy properties and lives are being destroyed because he wants to be President again, at all cost.

The Ghana Police must justify the confidence we have in them. These market fires are not mere coincidences. There were threats then, but it is actually happening now.”

By: Efo Korsi Senyo / awakenewsroom.com


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