Lady Breaks Up With Boyfriend Due To Plenty Sex -PHOTOS

Lady Breaks Up With Boyfriend Due To Plenty Sex -PHOTOS

A very funny incident is said to have happened after a young lady whose identity was revealed as Blessing sent a breakup letter to his boyfriend as she calls it to quit with him after claiming he f**ks her too hard and she can’t take it anymore.

From the letter, the young lady stated that she is praying for his guy who is called James would get a girl who can be able to take all the hard banging as she is not ready to lose her womb anytime soon just because of one “Common Dating” which is not even marriage.

She wrote saying;

sontines i wonda wai i did not refuse you.

the way you use to fok me is too hard,sontines i fill like crying real cry.

Pls James i want to tell you that it is over bitwin us.

May God find sonwan that have strong private part for you

See the picture below;


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