Bad News Hit Ashanti Region Again

Bad News Hit Ashanti Region Again

Bad News Hit Ashanti Region Again

The sudden death of this young lady is a very sad and heartbreaking for the Ashanti Region as they mourn again despite the government are doing their best to ensure that the lives of Ghanaians are in safe hands but no one can prevent the inevitable from happening as Ashanti Region are in a state of mourning again.

A young and promising lady who happens to be a sachet water seller and was also acclaimed to be in her thirties was instantaneously crushed dead yesterday at the Anloga Junction in Kumasi, Ashanti Region after she was hit by a car.

According yo reports the young lady’s name was only known to be Rukaya, as per report, she was doing her daily business i.e selling of sachet water when she hit by the truck while she was crossing the road.

The unfortunate incidence occurred yesterday yesterday after the driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle and mistakenly Rukaya the sachet water seller before crashing into a taxi and tricycle, in traffic.

Although this is not the first time we will he hearing about this kind of sad news for the Ashanti Region but our prayers is that, this kind of unfortunate, painful and sudden death should stop or reduce to it lowest minimum because we all know that death is inevitable and dying should be in a good way, not this kind of complicated case.

The person that was driving the tricycle, Aminu Ibrahim Bamba made it known that if he didn’t bolted from the place accident took, he would have also been crushed to death.

According to an eye witness, who happens to be the tricycle driver, “A lot of us were in traffic. A Hyundai KIA truck came from that direction in high speed.

Before we could notice anything, it has crushed a woman down. Then I ran quickly leaving my tricycle behind. The truck then run into my tricycle and a taxi. My tricycle is in bad shape now. The woman who was knocked down died on the spot. We called the ambulance immediately”.

The good news is that the truck driver is currently been held at one of the police station in Kumasi(Oforikrom)


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